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Expertly-Applied Quartz Flooring Design and Installation

Your Dream Floor Plans Made to Perfection

Quartz Flooring
Quartz Overlay Near Me

Custom quartz flooring perfectly designed and installed from beginning to end. Serving customers in Lake Placid to Sebring and toward the coast in Bradenton and Sarasota. 

Custom Quartz Flooring

If you're looking to add a new look to your home, we have the solution. Our quartz flooring overlay services are professional and custom designed to give your home a new look without having to replace the entire flooring.


After properly prepping the existing floor substrate, we install a thin layer of quartz over your existing floor, which gives it a brand-new look with a luxurious edge.


Since natural quartz is a white mineral, the opportunity of applying color resins provides homeowners with an endless array of color options from which to choose.


What is a Quartz Overlay


Quartz Flooring Benefits

Have you heard of quartz flooring overlays? If not, you have to consider quartz as a flooring option for so many wonderful reasons. Over the years, quartz flooring has become quite fashionable for a flooring application, and here’s why - quartz is one of the most durable flooring properties with incredible visual appeal. 


Quartz is a white mineral that is odorless. Manufacturers of high-quality quartz flooring products will add other ingredients like calcium carbonate to make quartz flooring nonporous and resistant to scratches and chips. Where diamonds rank 10 on a hardness scale of 1-10, quartz flooring ranks a 7 for durability. 


Quartz is extremely hard as a flooring option versus other natural wood flooring options. Given the durability of a quartz floor, a major benefit is quartz flooring is very hard to scratch, chip and break.


Quartz flooring can handle a ton of foot traffic. And with the many color options and customizations that can be achieved with quartz, many homeowners are applying quartz flooring throughout high-traffic areas like kitchens, garages, patios, and more.

On top of the strength of quartz, it’s super easy to clean and is awesome against the risk of staining. Quartz is impermeable so no liquids are absorbed like other metamorphic rock structures such as marble. When there is a spill, simply clean it up with soap and water. Quartz can withstand household cleaners whereas marble and granite can be damaged through repeated use of cleaning chemicals. 

With so many benefits of quartz flooring, talk with us today about quartz flooring overlays for your home or business.

We are a local family business that understands the needs of Florida customers in our area. We use professional-grade equipment and epoxy formulas that deliver unbelievably beautiful floors every time. 

Our quartz flooring services come with a 100% guarantee and a 3-year warranty depending on the floor type. Overall, we make sure our residential customers receive the best customer care and an impeccable quartz epoxy floor.

Quartz Flooring Near Me

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