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Design-Driven Custom Flake Epoxy Floors Made to Perfection

Your Dream Epoxy Floor Expertly Designed & Crafted from Beginning to End

Epoxy Flakes

Custom epoxy flake floors installed by our highly skilled epoxy floor technicians. Get stunning flake flooring for any floor type: Home, Garage, or Commercial Space in the Central Gulf Coast area. 


Flake Epoxy Floors
Your Way

Working together with you, we take your flooring idea and combine it with our expertise, experience, and detailed craftsmanship to create a show-worthy floor that you can be proud of. 

Advanced Surface Solutions is a top epoxy flake installer in Ellenton, FL with convenient residential and commercial service in Parrish, Bradenton, Palmetto, Ruskin, and other Manatee County communities.

Whether you already have an epoxy flake floor design or you're at the beginning stages with an idea, our goal is to guide you through the process from the initial plan to conducting the final inspection. 

We want you to be completely 100% happy and satisfied with your new epoxy flake floor! 

Eye-Popping Quality & Detail

Beauty is in the fine details that go into every epoxy flake floor. From the choice of color flakes to the prepping of the floor, to the application process, we make sure your new flake floor turns out with astonishing character. Only high-grade epoxy flake materials are used combined with well-maintained epoxy floor equipment. No detail is left unturned making sure you get the designed epoxy flake floor you dreamed of.  

With detailed craftsmanship, our epoxy floor technicians utilize an application process following strict value-add guidelines that deliver unbeatable quality. 

The final result is an epoxy flake floor that meets your timeline within your budget perfectly complimenting your home or business for years to come. 


Advanced Surface Solutions Brings a Complete Epoxy Flake Floor Design and Installation Process to Your Home, Garage, or Commerical Space


Get an Epoxy Flake Floor Estimate Call 863-243-9508 or Submit a Form


The Wonder of Epoxy Flakes - So Many Options

Epoxy floor flakes are also known as epoxy color flakes or decorative flakes and are polymer paint aggregates that are mixed with resinous floor systems, like epoxy, to add color and enhance the appearance of many floor types.


As you can see, epoxy flakes can be added to wood and concrete substrates making it excellent for interior and garage floors. 


Epoxy flakes are typically made from a combination of vinyl resins and acrylic, resulting in flakes that are UV stable and available in a wide range of colors.


The flakes are applied to the epoxy floor system during installation and create a speckled, decorative finish that is very appealing.


TIP: It's important to be aware that epoxy flakes come in various sizes from 1 inch to 1/32 inch. If you need help with your floor design or have questions, just call us for fast answers.

Most Popular Epoxy Flake Colors

White Flake

Epoxy Flooring

Black Flake

Epoxy Flooring

Gold Flake

Epoxy Flooring


Blue Flake

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flake Benefits

Epoxy floor flakes offer several benefits. First, they can be used to customize any floor allowing for infinite color flake combinations. This makes them popular among architects, contractors, and homeowners who want to go beyond a standard one-color floor.


Additionally, epoxy flakes can help cover up flaws in the concrete surface, such as small cracks or imperfections. They also increase the durability of the floor, making it resistant to heavy foot traffic and wear.

Moreover, epoxy floor flakes can improve safety by providing a slip-resistant surface, especially when combined with a textured epoxy topcoat. They can also help dampen noise, making them suitable for environments where noise reduction is important.


In terms of maintenance, epoxy flake floors are relatively easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for various home or commercial spaces.


We are a local family-owned business that understands the needs of Central Gulf Coast Florida customers.  For our epoxy and decorative concrete resurfacing projects, we only use professional-grade equipment and high-quality epoxy formulas that allow our technicians to deliver you a beautiful floor every time. 

Our epoxy flake floor service continues even after the job is done making sure you are happy and satisfied. Every floor comes with a 3-year warranty!

Providing the best in customer service from beginning to end is what our Central Florida customers love about Advanced Surface Solutions.

Central Gulf Coast Epoxy Flakes

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