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Fix Concrete Floors

Concrete Repair

Are your concrete floors cracked and just plain ugly and outdated? At Advanced Surface Solutions, we have a deep understanding of concrete floors and what it takes to make sure your concrete and the repair lasts for years. 


Concrete flooring is one of the most versatile flooring options. The beauty of a fantastically-done concrete floor can add an uncompromising and sophisticated style to just about any room or outdoor floor space. But after a while, concrete does tend to deteriorate over time, especially outdoor concrete flooring. Mother Nature naturally moves - concrete doesn't.

But don't get down about wornout concrete. Our professional concrete repair services are what you need to cure your emotions, as well as your outdated and cracked concrete floor. 

Fixing Concrete Floors

A Proven Process

How We Fix Concrete

Every concrete floor is different from one customer to the next. Having someone who knows concrete and the science behind concrete behavior and longevity makes a huge difference in your concrete repair job.

Advanced Surface Solutions has worked with many clients repairing their concrete. We utilize a methodical process of opening up the cracks, cleaning them out, and prepping them to take a high-quality filler that "bites" into the open area and solidly seals the opening crack. 

We use a combination of products and well-maintained commercial machinery to achieve a concrete floor much stronger than what it was in its prior worn out, chipped, and cracked state. 

Talk with us about your cracked concrete issue. We'd enjoy giving you honest and open advice on what it will take to make your concrete better again.


Perhaps the next step is resurfacing your concrete for a fabulous new flooring option. 

Either way, the first step is making sure your concrete is in perfect shape. Call us to get your concrete repair done right the first time.


We are a local family business that understands the needs of Florida customers in our area. We use professional-grade equipment and high-quality formulas that deliver strong, repaired concrete floors.

Our concrete repair services come with a 100% guarantee ... Overall, we make sure our customers receive the best in customer care and service from start to finish.

Concrete Repair Near Me

Get a Free Concrete Repair Quote - Simple & Easy

Simply fill out our Contact form with details about your concrete repair project. For faster service, call us directly at 863-243-9508 to get started today.

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