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Take Your Garage Floor To The Next Level with Epoxy

Your Dream Garage Floor Made to Perfection

Garage Floor Coating

Custom epoxy garage floor coatings are perfectly designed and installed from beginning to end. We proudly serve customers from Ruskin to Parrish to Bradenton and everywhere in between! 

Custom Epoxy Garage Flooring

Could your garage floor see some new love? Is the concrete dirty, worn, outdated or even cracked and chipped? We take ordinary concrete flooring and transform it into amazing creations of long-lasting design and beauty. 

Your garage is one of the most overlooked, yet coveted spaces in all of your home. As one of the most highly-trafficked areas, garage updates - especially garage floors - have become very trendy. Functioning more than just a parking space, garages are turning into entertainment, workout, and showroom venues. 


At Advanced Surface Solutions, we are garage flooring professionals with specialties in epoxy, flake, and metallic garage floor coatings. If you have a dream garage floor design, tell us about your design. We’ll explain our high-quality application process, as well as offer you sound guidance toward achieving a floor that looks fantastic and lasts for years.


Our goal is simple: make sure that every homeowner gets the best possible experience when working with us. To top it off, depending on the floor type, we warranty all floor work with 3-year coverage.

We are a local family business that understands the needs of Florida customers in our area. We use professional-grade equipment and epoxy formulas that deliver unbelievably beautiful floors every time. 

Our garage flooring services come with a 100% guarantee and a 3-year warranty depending on the floor type. Overall, we make sure our residential customers receive the best customer care and an impeccable garage floor.

Garage Floor Coatings Near Me

Garage Floor Coating with Epoxy - Is it Worth it?

The short answer: Yes! A great epoxy garage floor coating adds value to your home and even protects the concrete substrate from damage, moisture, cracking, and stains. 


Since epoxy garage coatings are very easy to clean and maintain, over the long run, you save money on maintenance costs. 


There are many other benefits of garage floor coatings to consider:
  • Resistance to liquids (water, cleaners, chemicals), bacteria, and germs

  • The cost for epoxy garage flooring is cheaper per square foot than other flooring options

  • Longevity is key with epoxy applications; garage floors can last 15+ years with proper upkeep

  • Variety is endless with vast differences in paint colors from which to choose and the ease of creating your own personal designs

  • Safety of epoxy flooring comes with anti-slip properties and extreme heat resistance

  • The appearance of epoxy flooring in a garage is as breathtaking as it is professional. The shine of epoxy produces an elegance unmatched by other flooring options.

The Best Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Pros

The advantages of an epoxy floor covering for your garage carries many advantages over plain concrete. Epoxy is durable, hygienic, long-lasting, and easy to keep clean, and with so many design options, we’ll create the garage floor of your dreams.


If you’re looking for high-performance garage flooring, the process of starting your flooring project with us comes with peace of mind and ease. Over the years, it’s what our customers love about our no-nonsense approach and why we are a top garage floor coating installer.

We are fully insured and licensed concrete flooring professionals who know and understand epoxy flooring in Florida's gulf coast. And with our 1-year flooring guarantee, you can rest assured your new epoxy flooring will last a long time!

Get in touch with us today about your new epoxy garage floor by filling out the form below or calling us. 


Get A Quote For Your Epoxy Garage Flooring Project - Simple & Easy

To get started, simply fill out our Contact Us form below and let us know what decorative concrete flooring design you have in mind. We respond quickly, so expect a member of our team to contact you shortly.

For faster service, call us directly at 863-243-9508 to get started today.

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