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Why Professional Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Over DIY Kits Will Save You Money

Updated: Mar 8

Epoxy garage floor coating

Are you tired of seeing your old, dirty garage floor? Then it’s time for a makeover!

An epoxy garage floor coating is one of the best options you can try when upgrading a concrete slab garage. Most garages in the United States are built on a concrete slab that is beautiful at first but deteriorates over time. Garages that are 10+ years in existence deserve a mighty makeover, which you can start without spending too much.

Using epoxy is an effective and economical method to upgrade your garage floor. But here’s the key – not all epoxy products are the same. Between DIY and professional garage floor coating, there lies a vast difference in the performance, experience, and long-term appearance of your garage floor. In this article, let’s dive into each categorical difference one by one.

Table of Contents: Professional Epoxy Vs. DIY Epoxy Kits

DIY Epoxy Tool Kits vs. Professional Epoxy Garage Flooring

DIY garage floor coating is done via a box kit. Compared with professional epoxy garage flooring the kit has enough epoxy to coat a two-car garage. It can easily be coated, smoothed, and decorated with vinyl chips by hand for aesthetics.

Professional garage floor coatings are done by licensed and experienced epoxy contractors. Compared with epoxy DIY kits, they are 3-5 times thicker because teams have more control over the amount of epoxy they should bring to fill and re-coat the entire space. Lastly, a sealant is applied to the floor.

Concrete Preparation for Epoxy Coating

Industry studies show that over 70 percent of coatings fail because of inadequate surface preparation. Unfortunately, DIY kits don’t provide the same level of concrete preparation as professional epoxy garage flooring coating.

A major difference between DIY and professional flooring is how the concrete floor is prepared. Ideally, epoxy contractors would prep the surface by cleaning it and removing any debris that could affect the epoxy’s adherence to the concrete surface. Pressure washing can be done to remove excess paint, dust, and debris that may contaminate the epoxy coating.

Professional teams will also grind off the surface to smoothen and level the floor, as well as fix any concrete holes and cracks. Using the right tools and equipment, a professional epoxy contractor can neutralize and level the concrete flooring to achieve a perfect garage floor.

Proper floor preparation helps epoxy coating bond perfectly to the concrete substrate. As a result, the yield is better, stronger, and more durable.

Precision Of Applying Epoxy Layers

The application of epoxy layers requires skills and techniques from experienced contractors. It’s not so difficult to differentiate between an epoxy garage floor coating applied using DIY methods with that of a team-based application.

Professional contractors can squeegee and back-roll epoxy layers to make them smooth, thus reducing risks of bubbling and peeling. The goal is to make the layers flat, level, and carefully smoothed out.

On the other hand, DIY installation can only attain a certain level of smoothness based on the homeowner’s experience. If you want a perfect-looking and long-lasting garage, you should entrust your project to professionals. Plus, you will save yourself time and potential frustrations from not having a complete understanding of the science of concrete and epoxy floor application.

Installation Times For Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

The amount of time you would have to wait before you can use your garage depends on the method used during installation. Professional epoxy floor installation can generally take around 5-8 hours depending on the size of the place, preparation, and drying. Bigger spaces may require a couple of days for epoxy to dry completely. Overall, it may take three days to a week, including the preparation time.

On the other hand, DIY installation may consume more time considering your experience. It could take up a whole weekend or even longer just to figure out what to do with your floor coating. If you have prior experience, you may be able to save a little time.

Durability and Longevity

Professional epoxy flooring offers durability and longevity that DIY epoxy kits do not. DIY floor coatings tend to last between 1-5 years. Professional epoxy garage floor coatings can last for more than 10 years. A big plus with our application process is that depending on the floor type, we guarantee our work for one year.

When applying the epoxy coating, it matters how rough and clean the surface is for the epoxy to bond. The thickness of the floor also impacts longevity considering that it will be exposed to constant wear and tear from vehicles and foot traffic.

Schedule Your Professional Epoxy Garage Floor Coating with Us

While many homeowners on a budget opt for DIY epoxy garage floor coatings for their cheaper price, we believe that professional installation is still the best option for achieving a professional, high-quality look.

Professional applications may have a higher investment upfront but the long-term benefits of professional epoxy garage floor coating can last for more years without the need for constant maintenance. Therefore, it helps you save more money in the long run.

Bottom Line: Professional Epoxy Wins Over DIY Epoxy Kits

Nothing compares with the quality and durability that professional installation can offer given our concrete and epoxy expertise and knowledge of the Florida market. Moreover, you can customize the color you want and we can do it for you with exact specifications.

If you want the best results for your garage, call us as your professional epoxy garage floor installer to either finish a project you started or bring an idea to life regarding your garage flooring design dream. For a free quote, call us at 863-243-9508.


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