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The 10 Most Fabulous Decorative Concrete Designs That Will Amaze You

Decorative concrete is a creative way of using concrete as a medium for creating aesthetic enhancements for structures, while still serving its function as an integral part of the building itself. It is commonly used to create artistic appeals for floors, walls, driveways, patios, pool decks, and walkways.

The transformation of concrete into decorative concrete can be achieved using different materials. During the process, concrete contractors will stamp, grind, or cut concrete into different interesting designs to add a curb appeal to your property. Once the concrete is cured, it can be stamped, stained, polished, or overlayed for a better look. Here, we look at the different decorative concrete designs that will amaze you.

Ashlar Slate

One of the most popular stamped patterns is the Ashlar Slate. This pattern is made up of random-sized pieces of slate and stones, which are suitable for both commercial and residential applications. You can use it to add a decorative design for patios, driveways, or pool decks. The design could include big squares or triangular patterns that are finished with mocha brown or walnut to make it more attractive. The flooring design lets property owners enjoy attractive designs and anti-skid properties.

Utilizing Ashlar Slate design can create a beautiful outdoor landscape, which can blend into the natural environment. Using it creates the effect of a world of difference when compared to plain surface concrete surfaces. Compared with ordinary tiles, it prevents slips and falls especially during rainy days.

Wood plank

Wood plank-look is a very popular option for patios and driveways for many private property owners.

Fortunately, you can create wood stamp patterns in 6 inches, 12 inches, or 16 inches wide. This quintessential wood pattern looks good for the front porch area to add a flush surface while retaining a country feel. It can match wooden, concrete, and brick homes. The decorative flooring can be finished with mocha or walnut color to perfectly mimic the natural wood color.

Seamless Slate

This stone texture pattern gives the concrete look of a real stone.

Compared with seamless slates, the patterns for seamless stones are smaller and closer in design features. You can also see tiny rough textures scattered all over the surface to provide more depth in look and feel.

Both the seamless stones and seamless slates are great for outdoor patios because of their anti-skid features.

Seamless Stone

This stone texture pattern gives the concrete look of a real stone.

Compared with seamless slates, the patterns for seamless stones are smaller and closer. You can also see tiny rough textures scattered all over the surface. Both the seamless stones and seamless slates are great for outdoor patios because of their anti-skid features.

Arizona Flagstone

The Arizona flagstone pattern has multiple random shapes put together to create an attractive driveway, patio, or living space design.

The decorative pattern has uneven, geometrical grout lines that create a unique contrast for patios, driveways, pool decks, and walkways. The design gives your concrete the appearance of real stones for an authentic, rustic look.

The original Arizona flagstone is composed of rounded grains of quartz, which are cemented by silica. Other minerals that are present in the original pattern are seams of clay and mica. But while the original Arizona flagstone is quite expensive, stamped concrete with the same design can help you save money while enjoying the same attractiveness and quality.

Roman Slate

The Roman Slate is another pattern that you can have for your concrete patio.

This decorative concrete flooring option looks good for any type of patio, driveway, or pool deck. This design is inspired by the ancient Roman stones used to build structures and edifices. Like the real Roman Slate, your concrete will be structured in a way that it will have wavy patterns on the surface.

The flooring can be finished with brown and tan color combinations which can make it look very attractive. Like many other stamped patterns, it offers anti-skid features that prevent you from falling especially during wet weather.

Italian Slate

Another popular stamp pattern in the slate family is the Italian Slate.

It almost looks similar to the Roman Slate with a slightly different texture that is closer to cobblestones.

This design looks good on a tanner or bronze finish making it a good option to redesign your property exterior. Although it can be polished to make it appear a little glossy, it still offers an anti-slid surface that prevents slips and falls when the stone gets wet.

Seamless Old Granite

The Old Granite texture is very popular for stamping concrete stairs and steps.

The flooring option looks like bare concrete with rough texture and patterns. In most cases, it is finished with concrete gull gray color or charcoal to achieve the real granite stone appearance. Vein patterns are also stamped onto the concrete to add more elements to it.

Random Stone

Random stone is another favorite for patios, pool decks, and walkways.

Here, the concrete is stamped with random stone patterns and finished with a mocha brown integral color with deep charcoal release. The look and feel of big, flattened rock patterns on your patio can provide a rustic yet homely feel to the surface.

The style of flooring is also commonly used among cafes to create a slip-resistant outdoor patio and is a great flooring option for pool decks.

Cobblestone, Bricks, or Paved Pattern

Stamped concrete can also be used to create a bricked or paved look making it perfect for walkways.

This application shows how natural and realistic the paved pattern is and takes on the appearance of old-world charm and warmth. The look of paved concrete makes the overall appeal of the property neat and tidy with a touch of sophistication.

Compared with the original pavers and brick materials, stamping concrete is a more economical option. You can use it for private walkways or public parks.

Talk with us About Your Decorative & Stamped Concrete Design!

There are many stamped and decorative patterns that will make your concrete look like a beautiful masterpiece. We've been helping Florida residents produce amazing floors because we've done so many of them and we know how to work with the central Florida climate.

If you are thinking about a new decorative concrete design, call us at 863.243.9508 to talk about your flooring wants and needs.

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