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Pros and Cons of Epoxy Flake and Metallic Garage Floors

Updated: Mar 8

Epoxy garage flooring

Are you in the market for choosing the perfect coating for your garage floors? Or maybe you’re renovating your home and you need a perfect floor covering for your kitchen?

When searching for the right long-lasting decorative floor coating, you may come across different options that promise a toxic-free, hack-free, or even fast-drying solution.

Epoxy floor coatings are undeniably popular for garage floors because of their durability and affordability. They have very good resistance against staining and they can stand up to impacts and high traffic. Plus the different custom designs they offer are very inviting. Flakes and metallic epoxy floor coating are just two of the popular options for garages.

In this article, we're going to learn the pros and cons between flake floors and metallic garage floors.

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What Is Epoxy Flake Coating?

Epoxy flake flooring

Epoxy flakes are made up of a variety of vinyl and acrylic resins, various colored pigments, additives, as well as minerals. Epoxy flakes also go by other industrial names like paint chips, decorative flakes, or colored flecks. An epoxy flake coating is typically an anti-slip method that requires spreading layers of epoxy solution on the floor and topping it with colorful flakes, which can add thickness to the epoxy floor. It is a decorative epoxy topcoat that helps create beautiful patterns on your floor.

Flake epoxy comes in various attractive colors like nudes, black, gray, orange, green, and red. The combination of flake colors is unending and can match every personality type and sports team color.

Depending on the mood you want to achieve, you can combine two or more epoxy flakes. For example, black and gray garage floors offer a level of sophistication. But, mixing bold colors like violet and gray or blue and nude will add a twist to your garage that is sure to turn heads.

Pros of Epoxy Flakes Garage Floors

There are many reasons why garage builders and homeowners choose flakes as the top coat for garage floors. Below are a few of the top reasons for flake epoxy floors:


Adding an epoxy flake floor to your garage concrete is a smart way to add curb appeal to your garage. Flake epoxy coating looks great for all types of concrete substrates, whether it’s a basement, garage, workspace, or outdoor carport. Nothing is more inviting than a garage that perfectly complements your home design.


Pricing remains one of the biggest and most immediate advantages of applying an epoxy floor with decorative color chip flakes. Since the epoxy and flake material can be installed directly over concrete and other concrete slabs, the installation costs are generally smaller compared with other types of flooring. Given the many varieties of color flakes, installing an epoxy floor with flakes allows you to transform your garage into any design you want.


An epoxy flake floor provides anti-skid properties to your epoxy-coated floor. Normally, epoxy flooring is shiny and smooth, creating a glass-like finish on top of your concrete floor. The problem is moisture or a liquid spill can turn your epoxy floor into a slip-and-fall risk. Epoxy flakes, along with additional anti-skid coating, can further help provide a slip-resistant surface.

Cons of Epoxy Flake Garage Floors

Strong Application Fumes

The application of epoxy paint and flakes can give off an unpleasant smell. Epoxy staff would have to wear masks and safety goggles to protect themselves considering that the fumes could also be toxic. Depending on the size of your home and the surrounding conditions, you may need to temporarily relocate until your garage is finished. But, there are high-quality, low-odor epoxy formulas that can be used to reduce exposure to noxious fumes until the epoxy floor is completed.

Long Curing Time

Installing epoxy garage floors can take several days to cure completely. The average curing time for smaller garages takes around 24 hours while bigger areas may require 72 hours of waiting time and up to five days. The curing time can be inconvenient for homes and businesses that are accustomed to “being open for business.”

Slippery When Wet

Epoxy flakes can still be slippery when wet considering that they are non-porous materials. Hence, there may be a need to add an extra non-skid or anti-slip top coat to improve the floor’s anti-slip properties.

What are Metallic Epoxy Garage Floors?

Epoxy flooring interior room

Metallic epoxy is another type of epoxy coating that utilizes a combination of clear epoxy coating, different epoxy colors, pigments, and glitter to create unusual and sophisticated floor patterns. Using a brush or roller, the pigments are separated, twisted, and turned to create a decorative layer on the floor. It creates a shiny, clear, and smooth top coat making your garage floor look stunningly elegant and vibrant.

Metallic epoxy floors are ideal for living spaces, hallways, showrooms, and floorings in commercial buildings. But metallic floors can also be utilized to add a curb appeal to your garage. Metallic epoxy floors have an incredible “wow” factor over other epoxy floor installations as the colors flow in pearlescent design effects that are fascinating.

Pros of Metallic Garage Floors


Metallic garage floors come in a variety of colors that can be customized to create beautiful patterns. Every metallic floor is unique with different blends and swirls of color. Whether you’re decorating a showroom, garage, or commercial kitchen, metallic epoxy creates a luxurious appeal for any space.

Chemical and Stain-Resistant

Ideal for garages, metallic epoxy floors are highly resistant to chemicals, grease, and motor oils and stand up well to high foot and vehicle traffic. Metallic floors don’t require constant maintenance and deep cleaning to maintain the showroom shine metallic epoxy floors are known for. Car oil and grease are easy to clean up with a towel and a simple cleaner like diluted ammonia. Since metallic epoxy is highly resistant to liquids, the prevention of staining is a big advantage behind this type of epoxy floor.


Metallic garage floors can maintain their shine and color for a long period. That is why they are favorites among garage owners and builders. While other floors can experience yellowing after a couple of years, metallic garage floors don’t. A UV additive can be applied to further protect the floor from fading and yellowing.

Anti-Slip Surface

While metallic floors have the illusion of being slippery because of their amazing shine qualities, they are very safe for foot traffic as an anti-slip surface. Surprisingly, metallic epoxy is a great option for your garage, and adding extra top coats can add even more anti-slip properties to your floor if you so choose.

Cons of Metallic Garage Floors


Metallic garage floors are expensive compared with other epoxy applications given their specialty blends. While metallic floors look stunning and extremely elegant, you also need to prepare to spend more. However, despite requiring a higher investment, having a metallic epoxy floor is still worth it given the luxurious look and added value it brings to a home or business.

Out of Style Risk

Floor styles come and go. Regarding metallic epoxy floors, the style you choose today may not be a favorite five or ten years down the road.

Application Difficulty

Installing a metallic epoxy floor is not for the faint of heart and does require a high skill level with high-quality equipment. It is highly recommended to use a professional epoxy installer. Blending the pigments and applying the different colors to achieve a perfect design and hue requires years of training and epoxy know-how. If you are looking for showroom quality, leave metallic epoxy floors to the professionals.

The Next Step to an Epoxy Floor

As professional epoxy floor installers, we will help guide you on color and blending instructions, as well as work with you to achieve the desired pattern and hue you desire.

If you are interested in adding a flake or metallic epoxy floor and would like to consider your options, give us a call at 863-243-9508 or reach us by filling out our contact form.


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