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Best Epoxy Flake Garage Flooring Ideas

Updated: Mar 8

best epoxy flake garage flooring ideas

The best epoxy flake garage flooring ideas from experts who know epoxy flooring!

A garage is a vital part of your home that is most exposed to wear and tear. Nevertheless, it has to look its very best. A good-looking garage can be deeply motivating for homeowners and guests. Imagine going home and parking your car on a beautifully designed garage floor.

It creates a more inviting environment and boosts your home’s sale value. Moreover, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re not going to spend another money paying for floor repairs. That is because epoxy flooring is very durable.

Let’s take a look at different epoxy flakes garage flooring options.

Table of Contents

Granite Epoxy Flake Finish

Granite epoxy floor coating

Whether you like it gray or nude tone, a granite finish for your garage never disappoints. Black and gray granite flakes are perfect for garages with bright or neutral lighting. It makes your garage look cozy and neat.

Garages with dim lights will work well with neutral shades of beige and tan. Neutral tones also offer more design flexibility. Granite epoxy flooring involves the multilayer application of a solid epoxy base coat and clear-coated polyaspartic top coat to make it look shiny. Granite flakes are broadcasted to the wet coating to achieve the realistic look of granite floors.

The paint chips create a natural “granite” look that will hide minor floor blemishes and provide a non-skid surface. It’s not only aesthetically appealing but it is also very durable.

Stone Epoxy Flakes

stone epoxy flakes

Another favorite among garage builders and property owners is the stone epoxy flake garage flooring. Stone flakes provide the natural beauty of the stone slate look. There’s a variety of colors to choose from - earth and gray tone blends to neutral blends.

This is great for open garages to compliment the patio and coordinate with other trendy designer finishes. Stone flakes provide superior chemical and abrasion resistance. It enhances your flooring system by adding color and texture to it.

Quartz Epoxy Flakes

Epoxy garage floor ideas

Quartz finish utilizes a two-part solvent-based epoxy base coat and polyaspartic top coat with quartz flakes on top. Quartz flakes are often preferred by those who like custom garage flooring because of the variety of options it offers. There are earth tones, gray tones, and solid color blends that look like real quartz countertops. Matching two different colors makes your garage even more stunning.

In addition to visual appeal, the epoxy quartz flooring system offers many functional advantages such as superior durability, scratch resistance, and ease of cleaning. Although quartz flooring looks cleaner and neater, they don’t require regular polishing. Moreover, quartz flooring can be tailored to the level of surface texture, particularly for their needs. This is why it is considered a low-maintenance luxury.

Metallic Epoxy Flake Finish

metallic epoxy floors

Metallic epoxy flakes are decorative additives to epoxy floors. They are made from crystallized minerals, gathered from various materials. Metallic epoxy flake garage flooring adds a rich luster and upscale look to your garage.

Metallic flakes can be combined with various colors and other flakes to create distinctive effects on the floor. Metallic flakes are commonly used for table tops, kitchen tops, and living spaces. But you can also use them to create a luxurious appeal for your garage or other flooring spaces. It adds shimmer to your garage and will make it stand out.

There are many available colors for metallic flakes that include gold, silver, and dark brown. The flakes also vary in size such as 1/4 inches or 1/16 inches.

Terrazzo Epoxy Flakes

Terarazzo epoxy floor flake ideas

Terrazzo flakes are made from a unique blend of hybrid-size polymer and flake elements. This is the best option if you like to mimic the Italian Marble Terrazzo. It offers an indefinite customizable option for a good-looking garage.

Unlike quartz, terrazzo creates a contrast between big and small flakes. When put together, they create a stunning look that appears like a mosaic but is more elegant. Using terrazzo flakes will make your garage look high-end but without an expensive price tag.

Compared with other types of flooring it offers abrasion resistance and a more durable finish for garages. Now, who says an expensive floor can’t be had for garage floors? Thanks to epoxy flooring solutions, we’ve found a way to make expensive-looking garages without spending too much. At the same time, it requires minimal maintenance but it can still be durable enough to withstand hard wear and tear.

Off Your Rocker Flake Colors

Multi-color epoxy flake floor ideas

Add a twist to your garage with off-the-rocker colors. Who knew there were so many great color combinations of epoxy flake garage flooring? If you prefer bold combinations instead of nude tunes, go for it with our unique off-your-rocker colors. Just as the name says, this category utilizes a blend of three fun colors bright orange over gray, purple and gray, or neon yellow over white and gray flakes.

Unique color combinations can bring extraordinary touch and a unique balance of contrasts to your garage. Bold colors can perfectly hide the imperfections on your garage flooring and aesthetically improve its design. Choose how you want your garage to look and completely personalize the existing color combination.

You can check out our selection of epoxy flake colors and ask us about other colors you have in mind - we just might have the "out of the ordinary/hard to get" color you seek!

Sports Style Flakes

Sports styled epoxy floor flakes

Well-chosen epoxy flake garage flooring will have positive effects on your space. Vibrant and sporty epoxy flakes, for example, will add a visual appeal and highlight improvements in your garage’s interior. Nothing makes it nicer to go home and park in a more inviting environment.

A sporty transformation for your garage can be achieved with fun and exciting colors from Advanced Surface Solutions. You can choose varying dominant colors like orange, blue, maroon, or red blended perfectly together with other neutral colors.

Advanced Surface Solutions has long been a trusted supplier of high-quality epoxy flake garage flooring services. We want to offer reliability and peace of mind for our clients when it comes to high-performance epoxy flooring finishes for garages. Our selection of epoxy flakes and coatings is designed to surround the needs of our central Florida clients.

For a free quote on your epoxy floor idea, call us at 863-243-9508.


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