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What to Expect When Installing Garage Floor Epoxies

Updated: Mar 8

garage floor epoxies

Have you decided to upgrade your dull concrete garage floor to a brand-new epoxy garage floor? In recent years, epoxy floor coatings for garages have become extremely popular as garages have now become entertainment gateways for family and friends. Football games take on a whole new light with a beautiful epoxy floor, large screen tv, stocked fridge, and neon lighting. Do you see the vision here?

Overall, floor epoxies when applied to concrete combine form, function, and practicality and certainly elevate sophistication and style to any room, especially the garage. Floor epoxies are extremely durable and long-lasting and definitely add curb appeal as you watch your neighbors sneaking peeks are your epoxy garage floor.

If you’re considering putting in an epoxy floor coating, you need to learn what to expect in terms of installation. For each client, we provide a detailed plan and upfront communication so there is no guessing as to what happens next. From beginning to end, you’ll know exactly what to expect when finally, your beautiful new epoxy garage floor is revealed. Get a free epoxy floor estimate for your project.

Table of Contents

Benefits of An Epoxy Floor Coating

With an attractive look and feel, garage floor epoxies are perfect for both commercial and residential purposes. The best thing about epoxy is the fact that you can customize the color and design. If you love a particular sports team, there is an epoxy to match the team colors. The wide availability of flakes and metallic coatings makes epoxy garage floors an exciting project for the whole family.

You can choose any color and top coat that will compliment your home’s interior. Since epoxies cover the existing floor as a thin coating, they provide a solid top coat that can withstand heavy foot and car traffic. Moreover, the ease of cleaning and maintenance makes epoxies a great choice for residential and commercial properties.

Installation: What Can You Expect During the Installation of Garage Floor Epoxies?

Epoxy floor installations involve several sequential steps that must be followed to achieve a high-quality outcome. To verify a good epoxy contractor, they must be able to explain to you the process and expectations of applying an epoxy floor. Great communication goes a long way, and it's what separates us from other epoxy installers.

The following are expectations when epoxy is installed in your garage:

  • Your epoxy floor design will be reviewed, as we guide you and explain the process to achieve your specific epoxy floor look.

  • Epoxy installers will move objects from your garage. Your garage must be free of anything that can hinder the process once work begins. Hence, you must free your garage from tools, cabinets, and mats. You may also need a temporary parking area for your vehicle.

  • An initial floor evaluation will be conducted to ensure proper epoxy adhesion and application.

  • Your installer will prep the concrete surface. Old epoxies or paints will be stripped off using different methods like water blasting, acid etching, or grinding. It is very important that the concrete is clean and textured to ensure that epoxy will adhere to it once it is applied.

  • If your concrete flooring is damaged, then the installer will also fix, repair, and level your concrete flooring to make sure it’s ready to take floor epoxies.

  • Once the surface is prepared and ready for epoxy, the installer will apply a primer and multiple coatings of epoxy, while allowing the coatings to dry in between coatings.

  • Before the final coating of epoxy dries, decorative flakes may be added on top to improve its overall appeal and add anti-slip properties.

  • Installers may add a polyaspartic topcoat to improve your garage floor’s shine and enhance its protection against UV rays.

Garage floor epoxies may take 4-5 days to complete and dry. Meanwhile, it is advisable to not use your garage for 4-5 days to prevent premature damage to your new epoxy floor.

Aftercare: How to Maintain Garage Floor Epoxies

Garage floor epoxies are very easy to maintain. Most spills and stains can easily be removed using a foam mop. Oftentimes, you only need a mixture of water and soft dish soap (or diluted ammonia) to clean up grease, grime, and motor oil.

We have a complete guide on the best way to clean epoxy floors.

At Advanced Surface Solutions, we are specialists in epoxy garage floor coatings.

Our staff would be happy to discuss your dream epoxy floor project and ideas. At the same time, we’ll walk you through what you can expect from our epoxy installation services.

Schedule an appointment for a consultation or get a free epoxy floor estimate for your project. Feel free to contact us anytime by calling 863-243-9508.


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